Tailored, personalized Housekeeping and cleaning program

The company

Proud to manage an important portfolio of long time loyal customers, AquaBlanc is well known for integrity, sense of responsibility, concern of profitability for the customer, which assures the excellence of its services.

AquaBlanc inc., a dynamic and competent company, succeeded in establishing itself very strongly in the field of Janitorial Services of public buildings and other public areas. This is due to the excellence of its organization and of its numerous working teams, combining competence and desire of well accomplished work, with, as a first goal, the complete satisfaction of the customer’s needs.

AquaBlanc is really a dedicated partner, with loyal customers, for the janitorial services regularly supplied to theaters, offices, industrial and commercial facilities, creating a clean, healthy and safe environment. AquaBlanc has also developed specialized services such as graffiti removal and cleaning of parking lots and cleaning of various exterior finishes such as stone, brick, concrete, pavement, thanks to its Aqua-pressure system.

Whatever your needs are: “24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk”, periodic maintenance or a one shot deal project, the AquaBlanc’s people in charge of your program, will establish with you a maintenance program beyond your expectations but within your budget.



Target Montreal

October 2013

In collaboration with its business partner Broccolini Construction, AquaBlanc completed a huge after construction cleaning project, involving more than 10,000 hours of work, employing more than a hundred workers, cleaning more than 800,000 square feet in the 8 new Target stores in the Montreal area in 2013.

AquaBlanc’s customers

Housekeeping, cleaning services across Quebec

Professionalism and dynamism are our company’s trade marks. This allows us to assure an exceptional quality in a large territory. Some of the locations where AquaBlanc is operating: Montreal, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Ottawa, Kingston and Gatineau. Our very efficient organization makes possible a permanent contact with all these customers located in different areas.

The quality of our services allows us to work with well known customers in all fields:

  • Theaters
  • Entertainment centers
  • Universities
  • Government organizations
  • Building contractors
  • Training centers and climbing centers
  • Buildings
  • Various small and large companies
  • Etc…

AquaBlanc’s people

Our team leaders in cleaning service

A dynamic, professional and dedicated team which, with, as a main objective a top quality, does not forget the cost considerations, and this for the greatest satisfaction of customers.

Your quality coordinators

Roberto Campeau

Roberto Campo,
Operations Manager

Mario Beausoleil

Mario Beausoleil,
Quality Coordinator,
Montreal Region

Michel Bérubé

Michel Bérubé,
Quality Coordinator,
Quebec Region

The AquaBlanc’s market is divided in four main areas, each of them under the control of a district supervisor. These supervisors, with more than 10 year experience, totally dedicated to the AquaBlanc’s mission, assure, through their competence, integrity and dedication, a perfect execution of tasks, in order to fully satisfy the customer.

Jean-Pierre Pilon

Jean-Pierre Pilon, president and founder

The supervisors are directly and permanently in contact with the company’s president who, besides his talents for communication and management, corresponds to this description: Jean-Pierre Pilon, MBA, president and founder of AquaBlanc inc. , a subsidiary of the Groupe Pilon inc. group, manages all the activities of the company. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of Janitorial Services. This, combined to his knowledge of the business environment, allows him to manage efficiently all the company activities, while prioritizing human contacts. M. Pilon also acts as a speaker within the Montreal business community.

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