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member of the Joint Committee on the maintenance of public buildings in Montreal

Aquablanc is a member of the Montreal Parity Committee for the building services. Aquablanc is respecting all the conditions for admissibility.

By choosing AquaBlanc, you contribute directly to helping sick children

By choosing AquaBlanc, you directly participate in helping sick young children. Proud to be a partner in this foundation, AquaBlanc, in advance, thanks you for your donations. Every cent can save lives!

Welcome to AquaBlanc, maintenance cleaning services

Cleaning of commercial and industrial areas in Quebec

We are more than a cleaning service provider of maintenance services, we are your partner. We collaborate with your internal teams; daily management of regular tasks, coordination of occasional tasks, the follow-ups and inspections. We work with your budget, so you can optimize your costs and manage your chores.

We are known for our expertise in cleaning public buildings, commercial spaces and office buildings, including cleaning carpets, windows, cleaning of escalators, cleaning parking (interior and exterior) and cleaning of graffiti, and this in the regions of Montreal, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Ottawa, Kingston, Ottawa and many others.

Our experience allows us to offer a cleaning service that fits your needs and at a price that suits you.
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Cleaning, maintenance ...
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Get peace of mind by entrusting your cleaning jobs to AquaBlanc: we guarantee the quality of our results. Make a good impression on your customers and employees by offering a dazzling clean work environment !

Regular general cleaning and maintenance

Complete cleaning services are provided by AquaBlanc, daily, weekly or as needed. Whether you have a large surface, small rooms, or even an industrial space, we have the necessary resources.

Occasional cleaning and maintenance

We offer a complete line of casual janitorial services to add on our regular cleaning service.

Specialized maintenance

In order to offer its customers a comprehensive turn key maintenance program, AquaBlanc has developed specialized equipment and a skilled labor for specific projects. For example:

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning of cinema, movie theaters