Job Opportunity to work in the field of cleaning and housekeepingJoin our team

Be a member of a dynamic winning team! Join AquaBlanc is giving a new impulse to your career while participating to a unique venture.

By joining our team, you will participate to very attractive projects, and together, we will do everything to allow you to develop your capacities and your talents.

Very well known for the excellence of its performances, AquaBlanc kept intact its initial values: professionalism, respect of the professional ethics, respect of everybody’s personality, personal discipline and desire of development.

cleaning services

Desired aptitudes and attitudes

1. Manual dexterity
2. Good sense of observation
3. Good sense of responsability
4. Ability to endure stress sometimes generated by work
5. Efficient judgment
6. Good common sense in the organization of activitiess
7. Initiative when required
8. Methodic mind
9. Meticulous when performing jobs
10. Polite with people
11. Neat and clean personal look
12. Good communication attitude
13. Be proud to perform in these activities

The importance of Janitorial Services

  • A good maintenance quality shows respect to other people and, indirectly, becomes an element of assurance for the community.
  • A healthy environment indirectly assures and maintains a high productivity level in all working areas.
  • The perception of quality of maintenance is directly related to the perception of the quality of the overall environment.
  • A regular maintenance increases the life of the various types of surface coatings and furniture.


If you think that your aspirations correspond to our values and that you have the required aptitudes, please send us your curriculum vitae by e-mail