Why us and not the competition !

AquaBlanc, performing in the Janitorial services for over 20 years, has received many favorable comments from its customers. This is due to the many factors contributing to the perfect implementation of the tasks and satisfying the smallest need of the customer.

We are not only a supplier of maintenance services like the others, we are your partner. We work on a constant cooperation with your internal teams whatever is concerned: the daily management of works, the coordination of occasional works, the follow-ups, the inspections, etc. We offer training and recommendations to your managers and supervisors in order to reach the desired quality. This is the AquaBlanc "unique plus value". This is also the reason why our customers keep renewing their contracts with us, year after year.

needs assessment
A strict evaluation of your needs !

Before initiating any maintenance program or any special cleaning program, it is absolutely necessary to finalize with the customer what are exactly his requirements and all limitations of any kind. This applies to all our customers: theaters managers, commercial buildings supervisors, building sites supervisors, private sites,etc. The most important point is to implement a perfect work to your own satisfaction and to the AquaBlanc team satisfaction. So, we will evaluate together the jobs to be accomplished, considering all factors. This evaluation will be made as per the method developed by AquaBlanc which assures a strict and complete analysis.!
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Quality of work housekeeping
A first-class quality !

Due to the long experience acquired by AquaBlanc, our team has developed a very efficient organization able to assure a total quality. To start with, the teams are operating according to a working file (task list) followed with accuracy. The control of work is realized by the foremen as per a pre-established procedure, making sure that the working file is strictly respected, but also, that there is no potential problem. The supervisors, each one in charge of a district, on a regular basis, are performing an exhaustive inspection, also as per a pre-established method. In AquaBlanc , the supervisors are permanently in contact with the management, in order to make sure that the operations are working perfectly. Finally, and this is very important, there is also a permanent contact between the customer and AquaBlanc's management, to be sure that, not only the work is perfectly accomplished, but also in total harmony! Our management permanently verifies that the contracts (established on a yearly basis) are permanently meeting the customer's expectations.

Skilled labor for maintenance, cleaning and office cleaning
Our manpower !

To start with, we are selecting honest and motivated people. The selection is done according to a procedure, making sure that all required qualities are covered. The selection is performed successively by the supervisors and the management for the best result. These employees, already having an experience in the field, are following a Company program for an optimized adaptation to a particular task. Our very experienced supervisors - they have several years of activity with AquaBlanc- are very dynamic, and make sure that all the customer's requests are met, with the management approval.The result is a dynamic and very motivated team. Their formation allows them to perform the most diversified jobs, using the most adapted equipment and the most efficient products.

Flexible organization
A dynamic and flexible organization !

The whole AquaBlanc's team represents an impressive number of years of experience.
But, still more important, this team, through all its structure, radiates enthusiasm for a well accomplished work and customer's satisfaction. This results in a very efficient performance in pre-established jobs but also in a very fast response in case of urgent needs from the customer. See our services.

The costs for housekeeping, cleaning
Our prices !

Experience, motivation, very experimented procedures, lead to the most competitive prices. In the nowadays very competitive world, as a manager, you have to optimize your operating costs in order to perform a dynamic management of your activities. In order to reach this result you have the option to deal with a company specialized in the Commercial & Industrial maintenance.

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An efficient communication !

In all activities, sometimes, the customer and AquaBlanc , have to face more stressful situations. AquaBlanc, thanks to its experience and to the calm and friendly attitude shown by its management and its employees, makes sure to keep harmony in all circumstances, for the benefit of efficiency. Moreover, during negotiation of new contracts or contracts modifications, AquaBlanc, because of its expertise in this field, will make it easier for you.