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Spotless offices are very pleasant! They make employees happy and motivated and impress very favorably your visitors and customers. AquaBlanc offers a complete range of maintenance services; from the regular cleaning to the most sophisticated maintenance projects. This applies to all areas: theaters, buildings, outside and inside parking lots, vehicles fleets., and many others. For this purpose, AquaBlanc owns high technology equipment operated by very qualified and motivated people, which guarantees the highest quality.

Specialized cleaning services and housekeeping

In order to offer its customers, a global maintenance program named "single counter", AquaBlanc acquired specialized equipment and developed a qualified manpower. This allows us to offer a complete line of services required by our customers.

Cleaning of construction site before and after Cleaning graffitis Escalator Cleaning Cleaning of vehicle fleet Cleaning of interior and exterior parkings Aqua Pressure Cleaning System

Regular maintenance

Optimize your resources by keeping your offices spotless. Complete cleaning services are offered by AquaBlanc, daily, weekly, or according to a special program. You can rely on an exceptional customer service specially adapted to your specific requirements.

Janitorial services and Housekeeping for Building
Janitorial Services

maintenance of buildings with a complete line of equipment operated by very well trained personnel.

Cleaning of cinemas
Cleaning of Theatres

AquaBlanc, since years, is the leader, in the maintenance of movie theaters in Quebec and Eastern Ontario. We serve daily the most important cinema complexes, for a total of over one million square feet per day.

Occasional Maintenance

Besides our regular cleaning services we are offering a complete line of occasional maintenance services. We can also integrate any occasional service to your regular maintenance schedule. These occasional services are available every day, every week, every second week, every month, every second month, every 3 months and every 6 months.

Window Cleaning ServiceCarpet cleaning service
  • Cleaning of windows
  • Professional cleaning of carpets and chairs
  • Floors stripping and waxing
  • Cleaning of walls, doors, and ceilings
  • Dusting and cleaning of areas difficult to reach: venting outlets, acoustic panels, etc.
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