Cleaning of construction sites

Our reputation, as well as our experience on construction sites is solid and unique. For years, we have been outstanding in this type of specialized service, and we work very closely with the greatest construction companies in Quebec: Broccolini Construction, Giffels Construction, Standard Life, etc.

We were involved in more than 100 construction projects realized by now;Here is a brief overview:

  • St- Joseph Oratory
  • Multi-media city (downtown) Phase I to IV
  • Sears Canada
  • IGA Dollard des Ormeaux
  • Cineplex Beauport
  • Cineplex Ste-Foy
  • Cineplex Brossard (new district 10-30)
  • Boston Pizza (Construction.)
  • Central Market (Future Shop, Best Buy)
  • SAQ
  • Lumen
  • Sources Volkswagen
  • XTL transport
  • Ste-Therese( 200 condo units )
  • Cavendish ( 189 condo units )
  • Target stores in Montreal

In collaboration with its business partner Broccolini Construction, AquaBlanc completed a huge after construction cleaning project, involving more than 10,000 hours of work, employing more than a hundred workers, cleaning more than 800,000 square feet in the 8 new Target stores in the Montreal area in 2013.

Services adapted to your requirements:

Price submission for cleaning of construction site
Before construction

We offer the best consulting service to the Construction contractors in order to:

  • Establish forecast budgets.
  • Establish a specific maintenance tender.
Cleaning of construction site
During construction

Supply qualified labor during construction duration.

Final cleaning before delivery, waste collection
After construction

Final cleaning of the site before delivery to the customer.

Graffiti removal - wall cleaning

Nettoyage de graffitisWe remove rapidly embarrassing and obscene words and sentences and also undesired "masterpieces" on concrete, brick, stone and aluminum. Graffiti have been a nuisance for many years. We find them on school walls, in subway, on road signs, lockers, etc.

In order to eliminate this nuisance and remove the harmful effects generated (including the additional costs), we have developed an efficient method, at a very competitive cost. Let us remind that, since 1999, several municipalities are imposing fines on companies leaving those graffiti for a too long time.

We already performed important works, with the Department of Transport, for the removal of graffiti near the tunnels entrances and in the entire road network.

Escalator Cleaning Special equipment for cleaning escalators

Rely on us for this work!
Cleaning manually escalators is a difficult and tedious job with uncertain results.

Our escalator cleaners only use very specific equipment: Our costs sweep the competition. Obtain information from your AquaBlanc representative.

An efficient method
Restore the original condition. The embedded vacuum system, the ultra performing polishing pad and the "Nylon Grit" brush, assure a complete deep cleaning of your equipment.

A safety method
Our cleaning method eliminates the risks associated to the manual cleaning. We do not use products representing a danger, avoiding the risk of accidents to your employees and your customers.

Clean Fleet, fleet maintenance Cleaning vehicle, fleet interior

An impressive number: Over 25000 cleanings of vehicles since the creation of this cleaning division in 1997.

Cleaning vehicle, fleet exterior

This "inside and outside" cleaning service for vehicles fleets is exclusively offered to the large companies, since 1997. Get informed on our special rates!

Clean Indoor parking - outdoor

asphalt, stain, oil cleaningAquaBlanc offers a complete maintenance program adapted to your needs: Office towers, Universities, commercial centers, condominium towers and many others. Average parking areas: 25 000 square feet to 200 000 square feet.

Our working technique
  • Thorough sweeping of asphalt or concrete (removal of sand, waste, paper, and others).
  • Autoscrubber with/ or High pressure cleaning equipment with our Aquapression system!

  • Disposal of waste (sand, gravel).
  • Application of a detergent specially developed for concrete and asphalt. It contains a balanced mixture of alkaline additives and wetting agents giving a maximal penetration of greasy and oily dirt, resulting, after rinsing, in a clean surface without any residue.
  • Brushing action where necessary with special attention to floor signs.
  • Complete rinse of the surface with our equipment aquapression

This cleaning also applies to the existing staircases.

Pressure washing with Aqua pressure system Cleaning of brick, stone, concrete

The "AquaPression" high pressure cleaning system allows numerous applications.
The action of our completely safe biodegradable detergents, will give the outside of your building
a clean and bright look.

Advantages of our system (commercial and industrial)
  • Restores the original aspect of your building and assures a long term protection.
  • Considerably reduces maintenance and renovation costs.

Outside walls (brick, stone and concrete)
Is the beauty of your masonry hidden by years of dust and pollution?

Aluminum and vinyl claddings
Is your aluminum or vinyl cladding tarnished, discolored, or only very dirty?

Cleaning of awnings
Wherever it is, private house, restaurant, or commerce, if you want to preserve the elegant appearance of your expensive awning, you have to keep it in good condition. AquaBlanc suggests a cleaning once a year. This will keep the beauty and the durability of your awning. A preliminary evaluation is required and prices are based on the awning dimensions.

Wooden patios and fences
The initial beauty of your patio or fence will rapidly disappear if you do not take care of them on a regular basis. AquaBlanc can make it for you, using the appropriate cleaning method and by the application of the required protection products.

Restore your unistone and protect your investment by relying on AquaBlanc for the cleaning and the application of a waterproof sealant.